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  • During my service wedding photo I meet several characters who work to make beautiful weddings. I had the pleasure of meeting at Villa d’Este the prestigious Hotel on Lake Como in Cernobbio, Anna K. Frem wedding planner of Just Amore

    Here her story:

    How did your career in the events and weddings sector begin?

I always believed that weddings represent a meaningful expression of two persons joining their lives forever. For me, “and they lived happily ever after” is just the beginning of a bedazzled journey with glimmering stars of joy and beautiful memories. My passion for organizing events and particularly weddings, my creativity and my love for Italy that has so many beautiful locations, made me believe I could be successful in this field that fascinated me. 

  • What are the most popular destinations?

It would not be an understatement to say that Italy is the country with the most romantic places to tie the knot. We have mostly requests for sites with a magnificent sea view along the Amalfi Coast, for the beautiful landscapes of the Tuscany countryside amidst the vineyards, the historical city of Rome, and the Italian lakes.

My clients are mostly foreigners. I realized that I love to help people get married in Italy, a country that offers a lot in terms of romantic places, good weather, and excellent food. So I became a sought-after wedding specialist, planning fun, elegant, and stylish weddings for couples of all nationalities and diverse cultures. I speak four languages. Considering that our clientele is mostly international, it gives our couples immense comfort not to worry about being lost in translation for the necessary details of their wedding. 

  • What is the positive and negative side of this job?

The best part of my job is getting to work with fantastic clients. Seeing the vision of the couple starting unfolding in front of their eyes -the ceremony setting, the flower compositions, the menu carefully studied, the cake design, the perfect party they have dreamt- is so gratifying! And my biggest reward is when everything is over, to receive some words of gratitude from the couple thanking me for making their special day perfect just like they had imagined it. 

There is also the pleasure of being invited to stunning industry parties, going to fun conferences, and staying at incredible hotels while “touring” venues.

There are quite a few downsides to this profession. The weekend events and evening meetings, the physical and mental stress of staying 10 to 15 hours on your feet the day of the wedding while managing at the same time 20+ vendors, the tough clients that ask you to solve unrealistic issues thinking you have a magic wand. No wonder CNBC listed this profession as the 5th most stressful career!

  •  Do you have a wedding that you remember most and why?

Set in a historic villa in Rome, I planned a grand Gladiator-themed wedding entrance for a couple to their cocktail party, and they were delighted. 

With a garden and beautiful antique Roman columns as a background, « the gladiator groom » had to fight his way through warriors at the sound of « The Gladiator »’s movie melody and trumpets. His march ended in style when he met his bride, who has waiting for him comfortably sitting in a baldachin carried by roman soldiers and surrounded by vestals.

The guests loved the entertainment and cheered and encouraged the groom.

Each step is important

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